Last Thursday at the club I got ‘The Look’ from Potts.  He said, “The magazine will be out next week.”  ‘Nuff said.  Hell, don’t want to lose the bloody job!


In the last copy of Wheels’, Chairman’s Chunterings’ (it was just under the picture of my brain – scale size) stated that the next one would be out in August  That was still at the height of the Autotest season, plus brownie points were at an all time low and there was talk of me sleeping in the shed!


There’s been ton’s of events, ANCC and Larkspeed, especially the latter, with the planned PCT’s having to be run as autotests due to the foot and mouth problem.  Couple that with more trailer brake problems (pointed out to me by two very kind police officers just outside Selby – don’t those blue lights and sirens just grab your attention!) not to mention the various breakages Heepy’s been suffering.  A drive shaft at Bury and head gasket failure which probably started at Bury, but took the 3 following events to fully manifest itself.  Busy would be an understatement.  Excuses over.  Let’s get on.


The club seems to have developed a healthy contingent of stage rally competitors in recent months.  And doing quite well, as the report in this issue will testify.  Petchy’s finally baptised the Escort–It-Don’t-Make-That-Embarrassing-Noise-Any-More-XR3i on its first 12 car.  Sadly it displayed a serious deficiency in the anchor department requiring Matthew to effect a change of underwear after the excursion.  It’ll be right one day you’ll see.


Talking of 12 cars, me ‘n’ Petchy kicked off my season in the Hooft’s Primera the other night.  Good event by Gibby, but we sadly succumbed to one of his wily tricks, losing a solid first place on our opening event with a trick letter-board.  It was slightly disconcerting to have my mobile phone ringing whilst hammering through a competitive section.  Quite unusual too as not many people have my number.  Had I known it was Gibby ringing to let us know we had the wrong route handout from the last control, I would’ve answered it.  Amazing how Petchy made the route fit though!


Congratulations to Matthew and Richard Walton on their win which finally secured the protracted Navigator’s Championship for Matthew.


Thanks as usual to those loyal contributor’s to the Mag.


Well, must go matie’s.  I can hear Din (my name’s spelt with a ‘D’) Rodgers running my bath and honing up the loufer (oooohhh!).




October 2001

Chairman’s Chunterings


Well I suppose it’s about time that I put together a magazine to keep you advised of what’s happening in the club.

12 cars


The 12-car season has finally started again following the foot and mouth crisis that caused the cancellation of the last 2 rounds. The committee had agreed that the first two rounds for this season would also count as the last 2 rounds from last season.


Dan Robinson kicked the season off again with a route on map 107 that started south of Garton and took crews in a clockwise direction to finish at Brandesburton.


Ian Gibbins and Tim Rodgers gave us an event on map 106 that started on the A1079 near Walkington and again took us in a clockwise direction finishing near Etton. A detailed report of both events is in the magazine.


Matthew Atkinson has taken the navigators championship whilst Tim Rodgers has emerged as the drivers’ champion. Mike Petch the overall champion having scored as driver and navigator. My congratulations go to all those concerned.

Larkspeed League


Howard Everingham continues to gain the club points for the Larkspeed event by winning Autotests. His latest victory sees us lying 5th overall in the league, the highest we have been placed for some time. With only one more round left on 4th November, it seems likely that we will finish again in the top 10 and be able to have the Armstrong Massey Rally as our round in the league next year. However the clubs in 5th to 8th position are all very close so a good result is required again.

Dinner Dance


The dinner dance next year will be held on Friday 1st February 2002 again at the Portland Hotel in Paragon Street Hull. Tickets for this event will be on sale from December onwards.

Beaver Rally

The Maple Garage Beaver Rally is well under way with entries now being accepted for the clubs annual road rally. The event is a round of the following championships. ANCC: - Rally 365 Northern Road Rally Championship. ANEMMC: - C.A.R.S. Road Rally Championship & R  HH Map Services Historic Road Rally Championship. EMAMC: - ADR Road Rally Championship & ADR Historic Road Rally Championship. The Millennium Challenge.


To date 15 entries have been received. Visit the web site www.bdmc.org.uk to view the latest entries.


Due to a number of changes the calendar as printed in previous magazines and published on the web site is amended to that shown below.









Tim Rodgers

01487 897700



Table Top

Ian Gibbins

01482 864092




Graeme Potter

01482 708790




Mike Petch

01482 446539



Beaver Fever

Graeme Potter

01482 708790




Carl Briggs

01482 354045



Quiz N Humberside





12 Car

Mike Ogram

01482 213917


2002 officials


Now is the time for you to start thinking if you wish to become involved in the club on the committee. Meeting are held usually once a month to discuss club business. If you wish to become a director of the club please speak to one of the committee members if you wish to know more.


The Maths Exam

The first 12 car of the season also doubled up as round eight from last season following the foot an mouth crisis. I teamed up with another driver Phil Burton for Danny Robinson’s’ event that started on the B1242 south of Garton. We had been given the dubious role of starting number 1. The first section took us south via Hilston, Tunstall and Rimswell to meet Ian Gibbins at TC3 by a route handout that consisted of eight calculations to be done to pass through spot heights. On the route we said a quick hello to Andy Beaumont who marshalled PC2. From north of Winestead, a set of tulips to be passed out of order alphabetically without balls or arrows took us towards Sunk Island via Keyingham. Never before have I seen so many 30mph limits on a 12 car. The infamous circular herringbone now greeted us. This was not too onerous as the whites were shown as dotted lines and we soon had these plotted and headed to TC5 just south of the Christmas Trees of BP Chemicals.


Tulips took us to TC6 at the gravel lay by north of Preston where it was time to get the maths head on again. A set of mathematical solutions gave us the spot heights to pass through to get to TC7. The final sting in the tail was a list of 15 black spots to avoid and get to the final control. Unfortunately I screwed up here by mis plotting one of the references and taking us some 6 miles off route. Back at the finish we found out that we had missed a route check on the A1033 thus dropping us to 6th overall.


My thanks go to Danny for organising the event and hope that he will learn from this experience.


Looking Blank


The next 12 car was that organised by Ian Gibbins. This started on the A1079 and again I had Phil Burton as my driver. The first section was a continuation of the last 12 car as we had to divide a set of numbers by 7 to pass through a set of spot heights. We overshot the junction near Walkington as I had plotted the route incorrectly. I realised that we were heading for spot height 72 that was not on the route. Turning round it was a relief to find a manned Passage Control just after the junction. Having got back on the correct route we headed to Monkton Walk and headed towards High Hunsley where we were greeted by cyclists coming towards us. Howard and Mike had got to them first and nearly scared the life out of them. At High Hunsley cross roads, Matthew and hastily acquired driver Richard Walton were looking a little lost. Wasting no time we headed back towards Walkington along the B 1230 being careful to look for any route checks that Ian may have put out. Andy ‘Lead foot’ Beaumont had wound the Proton to warp factor 3 and shot off into the distance.

A list of H and V’s now confused me as I tried to plot the route from High Hunsley through Brantingham to South Cave, North Cave to finish somewhere near Hotham. The combination of trying to plot on the move meant that I mis plotted the end of the section near Hotham. Approaching the village we met the village lorry getting just into double figures for about a mile. A wrong slot compounded the error and we eventually headed off to where I thought the control should have been. Approaching the A1034 it was looking gloomy as there was no car in sight and no control board to confirm that we were on the right route. Looking at the map, I realised that we should have been on the next road south and this meant a three mile return to the control. This lost us some 9 minutes.


The next section was a list of grid squares to pass through and again Gibby has managed to find a square at South Newbald that took us to a tricky slot. Phil turned right at the first slot but I quickly realised the error and we ventured back for the route check on the second road. The route took us back towards High Hunsley and then towards North Newbald before finishing outside Etton.The circular herringbone now reared its ugly head but was made easier by the inclusion of 6 cross roads which made the plotting much easier. This took us to Tim Rodgers who was marshalling outside Lund. I had plotted some of the black spots but fell foul with Tim handing us a blank piece of paper. Quickly scrabbling round the bottom of the foot well, I managed to plot the remainder of the black spots to confirm where I thought the next section would go. A quick section back to Granny’s’ Attic via tenths out of a square saw us encounter some fog which was patchy and slowed us down a bit.


The last section also saw a navigating error and a mis plotted map reference causing us to lose a further five minutes. I was convinced that we would be going over the humped back bridge near Cherry Burton and was disappointed not to find the control at the end of the road. A frantic look at the map references showed that I had plotted the last one some 2 squares out and had taken us some 2 miles out of the correct route. I was pleased at the end to find out that we had finished second on the event but had not beaten Matthew who won and so took the navigators title. Mike Petch blotted his copy book by writing down a route check that was not on the route. Had this not been the case then Mike Ogram would have been champion.


Again my thanks go to Ian for organising the event. As Mile Petch says in his report, where are all the Beverley crews. The end of the page beckons, so that’s all for now.  GUNNER





Sunday 19 August                                       Spin!

Tennant Trophy Autotest

Larkspeed League Championship

Ilkley & District Motor Club


I won!






Sunday 2 September


Auto 66 Club


One of our newer member’s, Steve Cooper, having recently finished refurbishing a 3.0 litre Capri, decided it should be put to some good use.


The well known Oliver’s Mount (regular venue of the proper RAC Rally) was the venue of Steve’s first outing on this kind of event.  He’s more used to the excitement of an oval grass track in past days.  As previously reported in previous editions of this glorious tome, hillclimbing has a very strange kind of seeding.  Steve found himself in the company of a Porsche and an MG with a 4.6 litre engine.


Sunny weather blessed those who turned out and Steve didn’t disgrace himself on the day.  A well run event saw him take a creditable 3rd in class, beaten only by the Porsche and the MG.


Lots of fun was had with the new set of wheels.  Asked if he would be bringing it out on any of the forthcoming 12 car rallies, Steve declined as the beast drinks a gallon of the expensive stuff every 7 miles!  It’ll need to tackle ‘Eau Rouge’ a damn sight quicker too!





Sunday 9 September

Lookout Stages

Larkspeed League Championship

Trackrod Motor Club


A cracking BDMC entry of 4 crews out supporting the club on this important event.  Good to see so many people doing stage events again.


Melbourne was the familiar venue with dry conditions prevailing.  An entry of 75 competitor’s included Beverley crews Carl Briggs/Mike Kilgour, Andy Carter/Charlie Tetlaw, Ian Kirk/Dave Lowson and Paul Hutchings/Pete Quinlan all looking to improve on the club’s Larkspeed Championship tally.


First stage drama’s saw Carl in a ‘T’ bone accident.  Fortunately he was able to continue.  Kirky was another destined for an early bath.  His motor letting go after only 6 miles.  Hutch was another retiree.  A turret problem causing him some handling problems.  Not too serious to continue some thought, but that was a debatable point.


Good Larkspeed points were scored by the two surviving crews, with 1st in Class and 13th overall for Andy and Charlie.  Carl and Mike were not far behind with 3rd in Class and 22 overall.  “It was the drive of my life” said Carl, looking for even better results on forthcoming events.


Well done to all the crews for precious Larkspeed Championship points and promoting the BDMC name.








The Ferrari F1 Team recently fired the whole Pit-Crew to employ some young unemployed youths from the Bransholme Area. The decision to hire them was brought on by a documentary on how unemployed youths in the Bransholme area can remove a set of car wheels in less than 6 seconds without proper equipment.    


This was thought to be a good move as most races are won and lost in the pits these days & Ferrari would have an advantage. However Ferrari soon encountered a major problem: not only were "de boyz" changing the tyres in under 6 seconds but within 12 seconds they had resprayed, re-numbered and sold the vehicle to the McLaren Team.


Dim Rodgers




Sunday 16 September                       Gusher!


Larkspeed League Championship

York Motor Club


A bright sunny day greeted the gathered competitors at the Tockwith Multi-Drive Activity Centre near York.  As a new venue it sounded promising.  But oh dear no!  Rough broken concrete strewn with thick piles of dust, debris and rubble were a bit of a disappointment.  I don’t think it was cheap to hire either.  Four test sites were set up (which worried those competitors with short term memories!), only one of which was smooth and clean.  Some cars were sporting chunkies.  I’d brought mine, but decided to try out the Yoko’s before opting for the heavy duties.


Following the driver’s briefing we all took a minute to remember the life of Liz Young, Chief Marshal and long standing member of Malton Motor club who sadly died on 22 August.


A good entry of 30 competitors were all bent on grabbing more precious points for their respective clubs.  Me ‘n’ Heepy being no exception.  A win on the last Larkspeed Championship event followed by a couple of weeks of Greek sun and we were raring to go!


A shufty at the entry list threw up not only a few unfamiliar names, but also some which I’m very familiar with.  The likes of John Haygarth in a 1400 Nova could cause me problems as would the legendary David Haigh, not in his super quick Special today.  Instead he’d brought along a 1600 Nova, the softer suspension probably kinder to his back on this rough venue.  Ian Bovil in his unusual Citroen 2CV special can also be a dark horse on certain events.


An amusing moment popped up while we were all walking test 4.  A slalom with 7 cones was laid out.  Gerald Holdroyd drew my attention to the test diagram which had 5 cones.  There was much speculation on whether a washout would be given if only 5 cones were negotiated.  It didn’t happen as some switched on marshal spotted it before anyone drove the test.


Unusually the organisers didn’t instruct us to tackle the tests in class order, which led to a general mêlée as competitors fought to be first onto the tests.  This seemed strange to me, used to running at the front when I was in Class 1 with the 1100cc engine last year.  Now in Class 4, not only could I watch where other competitor’s went wrong, but the early runners were also sweeping the dirty tests clean for the rest of us.  Take a leaf out of Richard Burns’ book!


Eventually I got to have a go at the tests.  Much driving around in your own cloud of thick dust was common, as was the now regular ‘finish in reverse across the line’ on one of the tests – a trade mark of York Motor Club in recent years.  I think I frightened the marshals on a couple of occasions doing that!


Problem number one came on test 4, mostly a slalom.  I decided to attack it as I’m usually slow on slalom’s.  However whilst negotiating a ‘box’ of four cones at one end I clouted one incurring a 10 second penalty.  I was surprised at first then remembered the cracked right rear brake drum discovered the previous afternoon which probably accounted for poor handbraking.  And there was no spare available.


An early ding-dong battle in Class 2 was shaping up between YSCC’s Jon Graves and the two Ilkley contenders of Graham Hepworth and Henry Kitching.  Gerald Holdroyd was making short work of Class 1 for Huddersfield Club.  Chris Leeming looked like he was running away with the rear wheel drive Class 3 in his Escort, but York’s Stu Cariss got a wake up call and started some serious work.  In Class 4 with me, Ian Bovil’s 2CV special had a plastic magnet problem - hitting 4 cones before lunch didn’t do much for his times!  Martin King brought his Mini Special out of retirement and was picking up the pieces from Ian.


After 8 tests an early lunch allowed us to pick the dust from various places and take stock of the morning.  I still had a healthy lead despite my early indiscretion and decided to stick with the Yoko’s, there being enough clean surface to make them effective.  The Goodyear G800 chunkies are an unknown quantity and I didn’t want to spoil my rhythm (no, I’m not Catholic).


The tests themselves were very interesting and good to drive possibly with the exception of test 9.  It had so much crap on it that it was all still there when I had my run after 29 other cars.  A poor time on test 10 allowed all and sundry to take time off me and Barry Long from York MC took a flyer on test 12 in his MG Midget.


The rest of the afternoon went without incident apart from a rescue mission by Gerald Holdroyd.  He dragged some young kid from under his overturned kart on the racing circuit adjacent to test 12.  A total lack of racing marshals on a hairpin seemed pretty lax to us.  A slightly more worrying incident occurred on test site 1 when Carl Davis’s Mini failed to stop at the finish and came close to crushing 2 or 3 people against the next car on the start line.  Thankfully no-one was hurt.


One other problem manifested itself on test 16 which had been a real brain teaser for most of us.  It used a row of 7 cones in a line with a 360° round the middle one, followed by ever increasing circles moving to the outer ones.  My second run I was happy with, ‘til I got back to the finish.  An embarrassed marshal had dug into his pocket for a hankie as I left the start line and accidentally stopped the clock with less than a second lapsed time.  Another run had to be allowed.  Due to the length of the test a lot of revs were necessary.  As I crossed the finish line and was waiting for my time card, something in the passenger footwell caught my eye.  Lots of black oil running down from under the dash.  Pulling off the line I removed the fibreglass front to investigate.  I Then realised what it was.  The day before, I’d removed the oil catch bottle to empty it and shoved the pipe under the scuttle to stop it dripping.  The bottle had been left to drain and not replaced.  Much high revving during the test had thrown a lot of oil out which found its way into the footwell.  Messy, but not serious!


Some 20 tests later all the battles had been played out and Gerald Holdroyd took the expected Class 1 win from Carl Davis.  The Class 2 war really hotted up during the afternoon with YSCC’s Jon Graves taking the honours by less than 6 seconds from Graham Hepworth.  Henry Kitching’s 2nd at lunchtime turned into 5th at the end, letting John Haygarth into 3rd less than a second ahead of David Haigh.  Cracking stuff!


Chris Leeming coasted home to an easy Class 3 win after Stu Cariss blotted his copybook with a washout on test 18, he still maintained 2nd in class though.  Ian Bovil’s ‘magnet’ continued to spoil his afternoon coupled with a washout on test 14 all of which let a relieved Martin King through to 1st in Class 4 by 38 seconds.  The revitalised Heepy was back to his awesome self following the discovery of the blown head gasket over the last three events.  I really thought it was me slowing down.  Maybe I’ve got a few years left yet.  So 1st overall was a boost to my confidence on a very enjoyable day from York Motor Club.






12 Car Championship


Round 8 – Monday 1st October 2001


Round 1 for 2001/2002 Championship


Organisers – Danny Robinson / Andy Beaumont


With foot and mouth hitting in early 2001, it was decided to finish the championship by using the first two events of the next season in both Championships.  Danny and Andy having the honour of running the first 12 Car for what seemed like ages.  It was to be the first outing for my XR3i, so with Matthew back on the maps we were aiming to continue the run of wins.


Starting from the B1242, South of Garton, we were off down towards Hilston, too fast to stop for the partially concealed code boards, allowing the Mini of John and David Dimbleby ahead of us.  How close to the cliffs is that 90° R!  They let us by again in Tunstall and we were catching the Peugeot of  John Vine and Richard Glew when they wrong slotted at Rimswell.  We headed South towards Willow House hairpin, nearly spinning on the handbrake.  Considering the brakes were decidedly poor at stopping the car, the lever bit is remarkably over efficient!  Matthew must have been dizzy by now as we missed the next slot R, allowing Gavin and Mike to catch and pass us, so the chase was on.


We weren’t fully plotted, so we kept behind them as we both turned around on the A1033 between Winestead and Ottringham to get the next hidden code board in the gateway.  Gavin and Mike got away here and we then got held up at traffic lights for ages before Keyingham and lost more time.


A loop South of Keyingham 90° R over the cautioned bridge on the ‘white’ at Keyingham Grange, then a blast around Keyingham Marsh with Matthew still plotting.  I couldn’t stop approaching a muddy 90° L and launched the car into the mud in front of the barn.  No thump, so I reversed out, but the water caused a severe misfire which took ages to clear.  We then got stuck behind a widening Mini Bus Taxi all the way to Paull, losing a lot of time.  We had decided that a win was not on by now, having already tipped Tim and Matt for the prize.  We also had a code board missing on our time card and decided not to go back to look for it.  Fortunately it turned out not to have been there anyway. Things took another turn for the worse as we couldn’t find the correct slot at West End, Preston, losing another three minutes.


From here on things went well, the car was okay except for the brakes (?-Ed.). I was getting a bit more confident in the car and the roads were more familiar as we headed North via Lelley, around Smithy Briggs and back to Ellerby then around Rise before finishing at Catwick.


I was not expecting to finish as high as 3rd after all the problems, but were well adrift of the winners, Tim and Matt who were clean, with Gav and Mike in 2nd.


It was nice to see John and David Dimbleby over here again, having actually joined Beverley Motor Club to do the Championship this year.  John travels from somewhere near Caenby Corner in Lincolnshire each time with his young son on the maps.  It’s a shame more Beverley crews still can’t manage to compete.  The Burtons were out to uphold local honour with Graham and Richard Walton up against young Phil, competing on his first 12 Car with Graeme Potter on the maps.  It was also a shame to find out later on in the week that Mike Lund  had rolled his Nova, leaving Dave Lowson being checked over at Withernsea Hospital, all okay though.  Hope to see them out again soon.


Mike Petch




12 Car Championship


Round 9 - Thursday 18th October 2001.


Round 2 for 2001/2002 Championship – Curtis Memorial 12 Car Rally.


Organiser - Ian Gibbins.


The pressure was on for the last round of the 2000/2001 Championship as both Mike Ogram and Matthew Atkinson could be the champion, having won 3 rounds each.


With Mike Ogram having to marshal, Matthew had to win to take the Championship.  I was on the maps with Howard and, at the last minute, Matthew had invited Richard Walton to pilot him round, having been worried that he wasn’t going to get a run.  Unfortunately, despite a potential full entry, many crews dropped out at the last minute leaving only five starters on the night.  There were however, lots of marshal’s, many competitor’s having to marshal to qualify for Championship points.


For some reason, I was being put in the frame to win, so as to deprive Matthew of a chance of the Championship in favour of Mike Ogram, who himself was eager to ‘Fail’ Matthew at the first opportunity (Ooh!-Ed.).  With Richard and Matthew off at Car 1, we followed at 2, quickly passing them, then seeing them going the wrong way on a couple of occasion on the first part of the route.  Things were going okay for us, lost just a couple of minutes, then we were given the wrong route at Gibby’s control.  We did the last section in the middle of the event, before being caught up by Gibby at the last control to send us back.  We returned to the control to pick up the correct route running at the back of the field with a later time.  This allowed us to complete the rest of the route without further loss of time due to having the route either plotted or so obvious is was easy, knowing where we were heading for the last section.


It was ironic at the finish to find that we had handed an assured victory back to Matthew by picking up a wrong code board on a grass triangle.  This unfortunately dropped us down to 3rd behind Phil Burton and Graeme Potter. This left Mike Ogram more ‘pissed off’ than me, with Gibby amazed that I had messed up (well, that’s the clean version-Ed.).


In truth I was strangely pleased that Matthew took the Championship having navigated me to 3 wins already this season.  Well Done, sorry boys.


The drivers Championship was again taken by Gavin Smith who only qualified by marshalling at the last minute on a stop-and-give-way at the end of the event, only just making it after trying to cut his thumb off during the afternoon.


Despite the Championship being very disjointed I know it was enjoyed by all who entered, thanks to all the organisers and marshals.  Please let’s have more competitors next season.  I know we’re already 2 rounds into this season but it seems nobody has really noticed with all the focus on finishing last seasons Championship.


Mike Petch






“Don’t leave without giving me it!”


Howie reminding Andy Beaumont about the tyre cutter.




“Ah.  The man with the blue nuts!”


Carol, getting into the spirit of the club.




“I can’t come ‘cos Carol’s having her nails done!”


Andy Beaumont’s recent pathetic excuse for not attending the ritual Thursday night get-together.




“This is a lovely horse, I once rode her mother!”


Ted Walsh – Horse Racing Commentator.







Which (important) Committee member recently turned up at Gibby’s house, a week early for a Committee Meeting?  Doh!

















Is it me?


Following a Fiesta across the Humber Bridge the other night at around 9.15.


Approaching the toll booth, as usual at that time of night there was only one open.  For those of you not familiar with the Bridge, the closed ones are identified by a large red illuminated X above the booth.  The open one has a large green arrow pointing down to it.


Drawing closer to the booth, and being the only two cars in sight I kept in line behind the Fiesta.  Strangely it was heading for the closed booth to the right of the open one.  “Must be rooting for change,” I thought.  Waiting for the sudden change of direction I kept station, but as we got closer we were both heading for different booths.


In the end the Fiesta pulled up to the barrier with the no entry sign in the closed booth.  As I drew up, money in hand, I looked across at the Fiesta driver, curious as to who would do such a peculiar thing.


Please don’t ask me what the toll attendant said.

Please don’t ask what colour hair the lady in the Fiesta had.










The route for this year's Jim Clark Memorial Rally has now been finalised as plans for the re-scheduled event are announced.


Following its official start from the Borders town of Kelso, the rally commences with an 18 mile opening stage on the evening of Friday 2nd November, and, after an overnight halt at the rally headquarters in Duns, continues on the Saturday with nearly 100 further miles of flat-out competition on the roads of Berwickshire.


The rally was postponed from its original July date as a result of the Foot and Mouth outbreak, and the revised and more compact route reflects the many discussions held with the relevant authorities in the wake of the crisis.   It also allows servicing of the competing cars to be held centrally at the former Charterhall race track – a fitting venue since the track saw many of the early racing successes of Jim Clark himself.


The rally, which finishes in the late afternoon of Saturday 3rd November, will incorporate the penultimate round of this year's Formula Rally Championship.   With the rest of the event open to cars of any class, the Jim Clark Memorial Rally is set to be the biggest rally of the year, save for the World Championship Rally of Great Britain.


Commenting on the finalised plans, Rally Manager Colin Pagan said, "We're very pleased that the final arrangements for mainland Britain's only closed-road rally are now well in hand.   A large amount of work has been carried out with the Scottish Borders Council, the local farming community and other authorities to ensure the safe running of the event and observance of relevant precautions, since, as always, we expect a large number of spectators for this ever-popular occasion.   We're sure they will see as exciting a rally as ever on the testing roads of Berwickshire."


Regulations for competitors are now available and can be found on the event's web-site at www.jcmr.u-net.com



For further information, please contact:


Grahame MacGregor, Media Manager, Jim Clark Memorial Rally

Mob:   07977 595733

E-mail:            grahame.macgregor@jcmr.u-net.com






OCTOBER (definitive)
___27 ­ Off Road Rally (to 3 Nov) @ Morocco      +33 1 4089 9010
___28 ­ Performance Parts Tempest Rally

NOVEMBER (definitive)
01/04 ­ FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP: Australia   +61 9 270 3333
02/03 ­ Jim Clark Memorial Rally @ Duns            0166 828 1576
___03 ­ Dee Jays Cambrian Rally @ Llandudno        0149 254 3636
___03 ­ Toshiba Computers Rally @ Ballymena, NI    0282 564 9340
___04 ­ London­Brighton Veteran Car Run @ Hyde Pk  0175 376 5000
16/18 ­ Circuit of Wales Rally @ Aberystwyth       0789 046 0822
17/18 ­ Inter­Association Road Rally @ Sussex      0127 255 1145
        Network Q Rally Great Britain @ Cardiff    0175 376 5000

DECEMBER (provisional)
___02 ­ Carfax Stages Rally @ Longcross            0797 341 2530
___02 ­ DRT Charity Stages Rally @ Binbrook        0147 287 1391
___30 ­ Welsh Championship Stage Rally @ Pembrey   0155 489 1042

JANUARY 2002 (provisional)
        Rallye Monte Carlo @ Monaco               +377 9315 2600
        Uddeholm Swedish Rally @ Karlstad          +46 5410 2025