Where did year 2000 go? Last Mag of the year already.

Quite a bit been happening, even though the autotest scene has quietened down. Ferrari have a long needed F1 champion. Richard Burns took another RAC (Rally of Wales?) win, but sadly missed out on the championship. ĎThe Daughterísí wedding went well - and relieved me of much hard earned cash!

The 12 car season came in with a bang - literally - to Ďbreak iní the new Hooftís Primera on the Southbank event. Hopefully the deep crease in the exhaust, incurred as we Ďcame in to landí, wonít be too expensive to replace. Potts stepped in at the last minute to replace Matthew Atkinson on that event, Matthew being required elsewhere to watch his daughter Amy appear into the world. Is it the poti light thatís attracting them do you think Matthew?

Petchyís first 12 car on the maps didnít go quite the way we planned. Much tearing around Holderness on a very muddy night only brought the Hooftís Primera in 4th overall. A full and frank explanation from Petchy can be found elsewhere in the mag, along with various other peopleís Ďanglesí on this controversial event.

Some two weeks later Petchy redeemed himself by navigating Twillyís Vectra to a great 2nd place on the clubís Beaver Rally. That should be more of a glowing report than the 12 car!

The expected last two round of the ANCC Autotest Championship didnít materialise. No final placings have been issued yet, but Iím expecting Dave Goodlad to take the Class 1 win due to my missing the Bury event.

Iíve decided next year to move up to the 1300cc Mini saloon class. Over the last couple of years the 1100cc class has been losing competitors, resulting in some organisers amalgamating our class with - yes, youíve guessed - the 1300cc class. If you canít beat Ďem, join Ďem! So I dug out the old 1300 road rally engine I last used with Oggy navigating for me in the early 1980ís! The head and block had cracked after blowing a gasket on a road rally. At the time I temporarily stuck in a standard engine and got hold of another block and head to rebuild it, but it never happened. Some 18 years later itís about to see serious competition again. Donít ring - Iím in the garage!

Thanks go, as usual, to all the contributorís to this mag for taking the time and effort to bring news and views to our readership.

It just remains for me to wish a Merry Christmas to all our readers - as the famous saying goes, and good competing for 2001.


Beverley & District Motor Club Ltd.

12 Car Championship 2000/2001

Round 1 Monday 2 October

Organiser - Matthew Atkinson

Using maps 100 & 106, Matthew put on a challenging route, heading out as far as Castle Howard. A full compliment of marshals turned up on a good clear night to the most pathetic turn-out of club members prepared to compete. Iím sure youíve got various excuses, but come on! We are a MOTOR CLUB. If you do any other sort of motor sport driving, I donít believe you are so good you donít need constant practice to keep on form and improve. If we canít get enough people competing, why bother organising events. Make an effort, rallying is fun isnít it?

Anyway, Gav Smith & Mike Ogram won in the new, better, Sunny GTI-R. Starting at Car 1 and being the only expert entered, the other 2 entries of Tim Rodgers & Matt Blood, Andy Beaumont & Danny Robinson were also sure of some top 3 points. Andy even managed to blow his engine up on the way home. He was very lucky to get that far, having a huge moment into Huggate between the last control and the pub as he overtook Matthew into the 90° right thinking he was slowing down to let him pass. Always entertaining us all!

Thanks to the marshals - myself, Graeme Potter, Ian Gibbins and Graham Benfield.

Mike Petch

Round 1 Results

1Gav Smith/Mike Ogram
2Tim Rodgers/Matt Blood
3Andy Beaumont/Danny Robinson

Beverley & District Motor Club Ltd.

12 Car Championship 2000/2001

Round 2 Thursday 19 October

Organiser - Mike Petch

For the annual visit to Lincolnshire, I had been hunting out some different roads/whites. A bit of extra work was required to gain authority, but I hope it was worth the effort. As I had invited entries from Border Motor Club, I wasnít depending on our own members for entries again. Although I had 11 crews listed, only 8 started the event, including John Dimbleby, who won the final round last year. This time he had his 12 year old son, David, on the maps.

John, who is an experienced road rally competitor, joined the regular Beverley crews of Gav & Mike, Andy & Danny, Tim & Matt (with Phil Burton in the back seat) and Howard, who brought along Graeme Potter at the last minute to fill in for Matthew Atkinson who was rushing off to have a baby.

After a short neutral from the start, section 1 was a regularity timed to the second along a previously unused white across Winterton Carrs. It was a bit rough (a bit!! - Ed.) wet, very muddy and twisty in parts. Did Gav & Oggy really go round twice? Unfortunately this section was scrubbed as the marshal was stood in the wrong place. Next was a proper regularity before the event ran competitive all the way to the finish. It had to be cut short as the route was a bit too long to fit in after an 8.00 start. Gav & Mike won again from Howard & Graeme with John & young David 3rd in an Orion. This lad is good!

Mike Petch

Round 2 Results

1Gav Smith/Mike Ogram0 fails6 minutes
2Howard Everingham/Graeme Potter0 fails9 minutes
3John Dimbleby/David Dimbleby0 fails12 minutes
4Tim Rodgers/Matt Blood0 fails26 minutes
5John Savage/Paul Rhodes1 fail23 minutes
6Andy Beaumont/Danny Robinson3 fails16 minutes
7Paul Wilkins/Adrian Woodcock6 fails6 minutes
8Richard Wright/Ian Staples29 fails33 minutes

Sunday 5 November

Dalby Sprint

Malton Motor Club

Following his finish on the recent Trackrod forest rally, Ian Kirk decided to chance his arm with the treeís again and get some loose surface practice in.

Malton MC set up a good quality sprint event in Dalby forest which attracted around 65 entries not to mention a huge spectator crowd in the woodyard. Being a sprint, Ian could tackle all the right hand bends with commitment, there being no passenger to worry about in the left hand seat!

An 06.00 hour start was greeted with frost and a very slippery surface for the two practice runs. Rain later would keep them in that condition for the whole of the day.

There were 3 timed runs in the morning followed by another 3 in the afternoon. Ian almost went the way of Jon Meacock (see October issue) with a 100 mph spin, but recovered safely to continue.

A good dayís sport ended with 7th in class and about 31st overall. Ian was a bit vague about his result which leads me to believe itís somewhat academic. The idea seems to be just to have a good time - a point which occasionally gets lost at times.




Start saving those pennies now (and you might have enough by June!).


Mind the doors!

Sunday 5 November NHMC Autumn Autotest

Readerís Yard, Brandesburton

This may have been the last event of the year. Itís gone very quiet on the ANCC front.

A sunny, but cold day was gratefully accepted whilst York and other places in the UK were under several feet of water. Rain was forecast for later though.

Robert Newlove managed to drag 5 of us out to see how rusty we were. The numbers were swelled by new kid on the block Steve Young, who made his debut appearance on York MCís Larkspeed event in his 1300cc Mini Special.

Co owner of Heepy, Roy Heath, made one of his rare appearances. His last event was in February. He was to have a surprisingly good day. Just to add extra spice to the event, it was also the deciding round of NHMCís Autotest Championship (yes, they actually have more than one person competing for it!). The top two hopefuls were Rob White and John Taylor. Iím not sure how their scoring works, but Whitey was on 271 points and JT on 255. I think John needed to win with Whitey well down the order for him to secure the award. Shorty wasnít close enough to challenge either of them. I appear on the championship sheet, but lose out on 4 events because I donít do the Larkspeed ones under the NHMC banner.

Robert is very kind and always puts an easy test on for us first - a double slalom with a 540° turn around a cone in between. With rain forecast later in the day I decided to get things moving and elected to go first. No-one challenged my offer.

As usual, each test would be run 3 times, all to count. I managed fastest on runs one and three, with Roy putting in a stormer to take two. Steve Young got off on the wrong foot with a washout on the first test - did I say they were easy?

Tests 4, 5 and 6 were more to my liking with a couple of free turns - changing from forward to reverse, then into a gate. With me running first, everyone spotted my technique for the first free turn wasnít the way to go and John Taylor pinched 3 seconds off me with his first run. By the end of the three runs Iíd pulled this deficit back and another 3 tenths on John. And the sun was still shining.

Yet more free turns greeted us on the next three, along with another slalom. I think John Taylor must be instrumental in this, knowing my weakness on slaloms. However, the recent mods Iíve made to Heepyís rear suspension geometry, plus a real effort to improve my technique on them is beginning to pay off. JT didnít fare too well on these tests, losing nearly four seconds to me and 2 to Roy.

We managed to get another three runs in before lunch, 10, 11 and 12. A very technical test with two flicks from reverse to forward, with quite a bit of reversing on other parts. I really enjoyed it and pulled another 6.7 seconds out of John over the three tests. One person who didnít enjoy it was Whitey. One of the reverse flicks was performed close to the huge long building where Mr Reader keeps his artic tractor units parked under lock and key. On Whiteyís second run he went for a reverse flick, didnít gun the engine enough to flick the front end round (very unusual for Ďsmokiní Whitey!), and promptly backed it hard into one of the 20 foot high metal doors securing the building! The impact was enough to shift it off itís lower guide with only a scratch to prove anything happened. Which was more than could be said for Whiteyís Mitsubishi Mirage! The rear nearside corner looked decidedly second-hand, and strangely, he lost all gear selection too.

As we pushed Whitey back to the paddock, JT was thinking a Championship win may have just been handed to him A 30 second washout penalty for not completing the test would put Whitey well down the order, and possibly out, if he couldnít fix the gears. The hand rubbing wasnít just to keep them warm! Strangely enough, just before it happened, Iíd been chatting to Shorty. Weíd both commented on how reliable Whiteyís car had been over the yearís. Real kiss of death if you ask me!

Pre-lunch results were:

Howie366.3 seconds

Lunch was surprisingly taken outside. The sun still able to warm us slightly (once it got through the long-johnís and other items of thermal underwear!). The break in proceedings allowed Whitey to find some gears again ready for the afternoon bash, body repairs would keep for another day.

Tests 13,14 and 15 created more mayhem. Unlucky 13 struck 3 of us! I was weaving around 2 cones using the handbrake when the steering wheel knob pulled itself out of my hand. With the throttle still open the steering-wheel began unwinding itself from full lock. Whilst trying to catch it and avoid hitting any cones and still on the handbrake, the knob managed to give me a painful crack on the wrist twice before I caught and brought it under control. The 3 seconds it cost me paled into insignificance when we saw JT perform a reverse flick, grab first, only to be rewarded by an over-revving engine and no drive! From the start line we could all see one end of the drive shaft trailing on the floor - snapped clean off. For the second time that day we were pushing a car back to the paddock. More hand rubbing followed - from the Mitsubishi quarter this time! The championship was still alive. Not wanting to be left out of all this excitement, Steve managed his second washout of the day.

Through all this confusion, Shorty pulled his one and only fastest time of the day - brilliant opportunism! Heíd done the test before John and was also happy that it wasnít his turn to fit the replacement drive shaft to their Mini. Graphite grease really is mucky!

We hoped things would calm down by the next three tests, 16, 17 and 18. Unfortunately another problem manifested itself in the shape of gear selection on Heepy. Running an 1100cc engine, which notoriously hates being revved, second gear is often used on long drags between gates. However, on test 16 second gear refused to select, both for me and Roy. Iíd tried to use it earlier in the day following a reverse flick when it refused to go into first gear. On that occasion it also refused to engage second. Very unusual - and slightly worrying. We diagnosed it as selector problem, which means the engine will have to come out. It may well be the last time for the 1100.

With the sun beginning to set, we all agreed there was only time to set up one more test for another three runs. Robert Newlove had 2 to choose from so left it up to the competitors to decide which one. I was outvoted 4 to 1! The one they all chose had a reverse slalom - yuk! Just to pay them back I chalked up three fastest times. Thatíll larn Ďem (ooh - did I drop into Holderness speak then?).

Final results were:

Howie647.7 seconds
Roy Heath680.6
John Taylor698.2
Dave Short710.6
Rob White762.8
Steve Young885.4

Roy was well pleased with his 2nd overall after a 9 month gap. Shorty failed to monopolise on Johnís washout - theyíre usually quite well matched too. Steve picked up a lot of tips from all of us on the day which will see him do better on forthcoming events. Oh, and the Championship? John didnít finish enough places ahead of Whitey who scored 307 points against Johnís 301. Well done Rob


"BEAVER SHAKEDOWN" 12 CAR - Thursday 16 November

This was the first 12 car I had organised so the navigation I suppose was always going to be interesting, especially when a novice is putting together the expert route!

Gunnerís comments after checking it had worried me a bit, so I made the route a little bit easier - a good job judging by the results.

We had a six car turnout at the Holderness Tyre Services start venue, two of which were south bank crews.

Car No. 1 - Gav Smith/Mike Ogram - Peugeot 205 Gti

The first outing for Gavís newly acquired rally car. They dropped 4 minutes on STC4 to STC5 which seemed to be everybodyís least favourite navigation section. The double lay-by at New Ellerby , which I thought would stump most people, proved no problem to them. On STC7 to STC8, which was the longest section at 15 miles (well 17 ½ actually), they dropped a further 2 minutes. This section also got them their one and only fail for missing codeboard W at Seaton. Being given an STC3 handout at STC8 caused them a few problems, especially when the marshal responsible then gave them a W D for going back to get the correct handout! (this was not counted as a fail and our marshal shall remain nameless). Gav seemed to enjoy the first outing in the new car, especially when he got it into 6th gear (yes 6th gear) on the Owstwick Ďwhiteí. We also suspected that Gav may have been responsible for most (not all) of the black marks at all the 90° corners. Thanks to Oggy for pointing out that the codeboard at Old Ellerby had been turned upside down, by writing it on his time card upside down!

Car No. 2 - Dave Lowson/Ian Kirk - Nova GTE

Dave and Ian dropped 9 minutes from STC3 to STC4 and 14 minutes from STC4 to STC5. They passed me at STC5 three times before booking in at the control in the lay-by, after driving around the Ďnot as mapí every way possible. Also on this section they missed the codeboard on the Coom Hill grass triangle and on the main road at Old Ellerby after leaving Jackie Lane. The grass triangle at Seaton also got them - missing codeboard W and picking up dummy board U. They had further problems on the final section STC8 to MTC9, missing codeboard V and arriving at the control from the wrong direction. This was their first 12 car since last season.

Car No. 3 - Howard Everingham/ Mike Petch - Hooftís Primera

I suspect Iím not Mikeís favourite person after this 12 car (we know where you live - Ed.). Not only had I put the navigation together that delayed him, but it was me who gave him the time at STC5 that sent him OTL by one minute - I hope I never need a favour from him! All this was after they had dropped 3 minutes from STC3 to STC4. They collected the dummy codeboards at Flinton, New Ellerby double lay-by and Seaton grass triangle. Also missing was that W codeboard which seemed to catch so many people out (I didnít think it would actually get anybody!).

Car No. 4 - John Dimbleby/David Dimbleby - Mini

This is the father and son pairing from the south bank who beat most of us on Petchyís south bank 12 car. For anybody who doesnít know them (I think theyíre world famous after this edition - Ed.), David is 12 years old and his father asked for the expert navigation! After a little persuasion I got him to take the novice route. This was maybe not the smartest of things to do considering their previous results, but their 10 year old copy of map 107 could have been their downfall. They dropped 10 minutes on STC3 to STC4 because the Owstwick Ďwhiteí was not on their map. A further 33 minutes were dropped between STC4 and STC5 taking them OTL, but this did involve an interesting route into a field at the New Ellerby double lay-by, an option I never even considered whilst putting the route together. They dropped 6 minutes between STC7 and STC8 also getting mixed up by the grass triangle at Seaton.

Car No. 5 - Andy Beaumont/Danny Robinson - Escort RS2000

Having got his car sorted for Cossack, we managed to persuade Andy to bring the RS out on his local roads. They dropped a minute between STC3 and STC4, a further 8 minutes between STC4 and STC5 and another minute between STC8 and MTC9. They cleaned the route up to the now infamous Seaton grass triangle where they picked up 2 fails. I suspect Andy was responsible for the rest of the black lines at the 90ís that Gav didnít make!

Car No. 6 - John Savage/Phil Woodcock - Mini

I hope I havenít put these two off north bank events. They dropped 8 minutes between STC3 and STC4, didnít book into STC5 or STC6, but did reappear at STC7. A further 11 minutes were dropped from STC7 and STC8. They missed all the codeboards after Old Ellerby until they rejoined at STC7 and a another one at Manor Farm after STC8. They were the only crew to get the Seaton grass triangle correct. Until they booked in at MTC9 I thought someone had removed it ( it was in their boot Matt! - Ed.).

Course Car - Gordon Blythe/Chris? - Lotus Sunbeam

Mad, the pair of them. In an effort to get them interested in 12 cars, we sent these two off first with a marked map to check the route. You could tell by the big grin on their faces at the finish that they enjoyed themselves - they even took times at each of the controls. Even though they were not competing I took their time card. Only one minute dropped all night, although they did pick up 20 fails (7 of these for booking in too early!). Hopefully weíll see them out taking part properly in the near future.


1stGav Smith/Mike Ogram6 minutes1 fail
2ndAndy Beaumont/Danny Robinson10 minutes2 fails
3rdJohn Dimbleby/David Dimbleby16 minutes5 fails
4thHoward Everingham/Mike Petch21 minutes5 fails
5thDave Lowson/Ian Kirk25 minutes6 fails
6thJohn Savage/Phil Woodcock19 minutes9 fails

Thanks to all 9 people (yes 9!) who marshalled, 6 of them were not even club members (nothing new there then! - Ed.) and two of them had also marshalled on Armstrong Massey.

Thanks to Tim Rodgers for his help doing course closing car and collecting the codeboards (and lost crews) on route with Phil Burton on the maps - hopefully another new recruit into the realms of 12 car rallying.

If Iím allowed to do another one next year, I promise the navigation will be a little easier - but not much!

Matt Blood


"It might be a bit rough here"!

Gunner Potter just before the Hooftís Primera became airborne on Petchyís 12 car.

"Only if I use it in a certain position in the back bedroom".

Matthew Atkinson discussing the versatility of his mobile phone (oh yeah?)


Howie being Ďescortedí back to his car by two snarling rotweilers whilst

PRing the Beaver Rally route. Map reference on application.

"The meeting was interrupted by the Editor getting his nuts out"

December 2000 AGM minutes.

"Sometimes you get a muffin as well".

Andy Beaumont explaining what happens at club committee meetings.


So, the end of the year is approaching again. The weather is getting colder and itís time to get Dave Twilton out, dust him off and push him around the countryside on the Beaver Rally.

I nearly didnít enter this year though. I had asked Dave some time back if he was going to do it, but hadnít spoken to him since and, as the closing date passed, I hadnít got an entry in. With funds for rallying a bit tight at present, Iíd offered to assist on the night in some capacity. I hadnít chased Dave up the week before, due to his mother sadly passing away. So by this time Iíd talked myself out of entering, pleading poverty. Apart from that, after my performance on the last 12 car, I was doubtful if I was any good any more, having driven most events in recent months.

Then the Tuesday before, and with the event looming close, Iím thinking, "I canít not do it can I?" Then Danny rings me at work, "Arenít you doing Beaver, thereís hardly any crews out from Beverley." Iím feeling shamed into entering. After all, Iíve only missed one since 1982 when I assisted Mike Ogram who was Clerk of the Course in 1987. So, Tuesday night, a last minute deal was put together and the last place on the entry list filled by Dave Twilton & Mike Petch, car 30. How could I not enter? Also competing under the Beverley banner and top seed at car 7 was Andy Beaumont & Danny Robinson in the classic Mk1 RS 2000 along with the Mini of Dave Bennet & Oliver Jopson at 17.

Following the driverís briefing, first car away from the sponsors premises, Maple Garage, Sproatley, left at 23.15. There was a 45 minute run out to the lay-by north of Little Weighton where, returning club member Chris Sheffield, was manning MTC1.

MTC1 to TRC6 was avoiding black spots, taking us on a fairly obvious route, for locals, via High Hunsley, Monckton Walk and past plenty of spectators at Newbald hairpin. As I had guessed, the triangle half-way up the hill was to be used for the first time, having been spotted by Graeme and myself on the Treasure Hunt during the summer.

Next was the first intermediate regularity selective timed to the second using a herringbone route down to Goodmanham. We dropped just over a minute or so here, having stopped and hesitated as I wanted to go a different way through Goodmanham. We then headed north to Nunburnholme and up towards Huggate before following reverse grid lines and spot heights to go south along Millington Pastures and up the hairpins for another selective/regularity section, dropping a further minute and a bit!

From here there was the usual map juggling section as the route took us between maps 106,100 and 101 as many times as possible in the shortest distance, with a couple of herringbones to show us the way and adding to the fun. This I have always found quicker by having all the corners of said maps cut out and stuck to my map board as a permanent feature. It does help. For most of these sections we ended up following Car 29, Carl Hawkins & Ian Tullie who were running on our minute. We werenít exactly following them, just heading in the same direction, but a little bit behind. I was plotting the route just in case they were going the wrong way. This section finished up at Wharram Percy Wold, then past Burdale triangle with the last control being just before the Malton road.

The next section was a neutral to North Grimston then another selective over the top and down to Birdsal House using out of order tulips. We set off again behind Hawkins/Tullie then lost them when we got bogged down in the mud stopping for the first code board at a grass triangle, dropping ten seconds to them at the IRTC.

The section after was to prove a bit tricky with separate herringbones for odd and even bones. I got a bit tied up with this for a while, but it all worked when I fully read all the instructions. The following section had to be closely looked at too as not all the out of order tulips were to be used, only those listed. This caused some competitors to go astray, but I read it carefully and we had no problem heading via Bishop Wilton, Yapham 90ís, looping south over Yapham Common and back towards Barmby Moor. We managed not to spin off backwards into the gate on the 90° left south of Yapham Grange this year.

Petrol was at Shiptonthorpe and everything was going okay. We hadnít dropped any time other than on the IRTCís as everyone was expected to do. Time for a walk around and see how everyone else was doing. Andy & Danny hadnít missed any boards and were doing okay too. Didnít see Dave & Oliver. By comparison, John Dimbleby from Lincoln Motor Club, our newest 12 car recruit, was having all sorts of problems. No brakes, and his navigator, Trevor Faulkner, was having a few problems plotting which had at least, apparently, given John time to eat a sandwich on one section!

A shorter second half, all on map 106, took us up to Huggate then east. Dave was given warning of another ex-crash site at Painslack Farm on the road up to Wetwang. A biggie back in 1983 this one! From Wetwang and NTC 36, this one took us along a new Ďwhiteí then wound south from Kirkburn and strangely straight on at Bainton triangle. Weíd had to back-track to a prior board near Southburn, having passed it by a good quarter mile. Good job another car was heading back for it too! We then disappointed a spectating Howard by going the long way round Cawkeld hairpin, sorry! Dave nearly went W D towards the next control before I put us right at Kilnwick and then the last neutral to Middleton. The final blast would be the usual loops around South Dalton Wold, Grannies Attic and Etton, then across the B1248 for an unmanned STC where we nearly missed the board due to a Manta parked in front of it! Finally up Dog Kennel Lane and back to Walkington for breakfast.

Early results from halfway showed us a promising 4th. With no dramaís in the second half, a final result of 2nd overall was brilliant news.

Thanks to Graeme for an excellent event, a quick route with workable navigation, but not too easy in parts and not too rough for standard cars. Also thanks to everyone else on the organising team, especially the friendly faces on route.

Mike Petch



Arenít windows great, you can chuck almost anything out of them and keep the car really tidy.



MSA motor sports diary

Dec 30     K&N Filters Stage Rally: Pembrey

Jan 18/21  FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP: Monte Carlo Rally
Jan 20/21  Resolution Road Rally: Camberley, Surrey
Feb 04     Riponian Stages Rally: Ripon, North Yorkshire
Mar 04     FIA FORMULA 1 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP: Melbourne, Australia
Mar 08/11  FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP: TAP Rallye de Portugal
Mar 10/11  British Rally Championship: Rally of Wales, Wrexham
Mar 17     Starrett Border Counties Rally: Jedburgh, Borders
Mar 17/24  Rallye du Maroc Classic: Casablanca to Marrakesh
Mar 17/
   Apr 08  Jewel of India Classic Rally: Udaipor
Mar 18     FIA FORMULA 1 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP: K Lumpur, Malaysia


Mar 04      01  Australian GP (Melbourne)
Mar 18      02  Malaysian GP (Kuala Lumpur)
Apr 01      03  Brazilian GP (Sao Paolo)
Apr 15      04  San Marino GP (Imola, Italy)
Apr 29      05  Spanish GP (Barcelona)
May 13      06  Austrian GP (Spielberg)
May 27      07  Monaco GP (Monaco)
Jun 10      08  Canadian GP (Montreal)
Jun 24      09  European GP (Nurburgring, Germany)
Jul 01      10  French GP (Magny-Cours)
Jul 15      11  British GP (Silverstone)
Jul 29      12  German GP (Hockenheim)
Aug 19      13  Hungarian GP (Budapest)
Sep 02      14  Belgian GP (Spa-Francorchamps)
Sep 16      15  Italian GP (Monza)
Sep 30      16  United States GP (Indianapolis)
Oct 14      17  Japanese GP (Suzuka)

Jan 18-21     01  Monte Carlo Rally (Monaco, MC)
Feb 08-11     02  Swedish Rally (Karlstad, S)
Mar 08-11     03  TAP Rallye de Portugal (Porto, P)
Mar 22-25     04  Rallye de Espana (Lloret de Mar, E)
May 03-06     05  Rally Argentina (Cordoba, RA)
May 31-Jun03  06  Acropolis Rally Greece (Athens, GR)
Jun 14-17     07  Cyprus Rally (Nicosia, CY)
Jul 12-15     08  Safari Rally Kenya (Nairobi, EAK)
Aug 23-26     09  Neste Rally Finland (Jyvaskyla, FIN)
Sep 20-23     10  Rally New Zealand (Auckland, NZ)
Oct 04-07     11  Rallye d'Italie (San Remo, I)
Oct 18-21     12  V-Rally Tour de Corse (Ajaccio, F)
Nov 01-04     13  Telstra Rally Australia (Perth, AUS)
Nov 22-25     14  Network Q Rally of Great Britain (Cardiff, GB)

Apr 16      01  Brands Hatch
Apr 16      02  Brands Hatch
May 07      03  Thruxton
May 07      04  Thruxton
May 20      05  Oulton Park (Island circuit)
May 20      06  Oulton Park (Island circuit)
Jun 03      07  Donington Park (National circuit)
Jun 03      08  Donington Park (National circuit)
Jun 17      09  Knockhill
Jun 17      10  Knockhill
Jul 01      11  Silverstone (International circuit)
Jul 01      12  Silverstone (International circuit)
Jul 15      13  Mondello Park (subject to improvements)
Jul 15      14  Mondello Park (subject to improvements)
Jul 29      15  Croft
Jul 29      16  Croft
Aug 11      17  Snetterton (night race)
Aug 11      18  Snetterton (night race)
Aug 27      19  Oulton Park (Island circuit)
Aug 27      20  Oulton Park (Island circuit)
Sep 09      21  Silverstone (International circuit)
Sep 09      22  Silverstone (International circuit)
Sep 16      23  Donington Park (International circuit)
Sep 16      24  Donington Park (International circuit)
Oct 07      25  Brands Hatch (Indy circuit)
Oct 07      26  Brands Hatch (Indy circuit)

Mar 10-11     01  Rally of Wales (Wrexham)
Apr 28-29     02  Pirelli International Rally (Kielder)
Jun 09-10     03  RSAC Scottish Rally (Dumfries)
Jun 29/Jul 01 04  Jim Clark Memorial Rally (Duns)
Aug 02-04     05  Manx International Rally (Douglas, IoM)
Aug 31/Sep 01 06  Ulster Rally (Belfast)
Sep 29/30     07  Trackrod Rally Yorkshire (York)