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Upcoming Events

Date Event Organiser Phone Number Location Map Ref Notes
28th September 2017Free night01482 876522 (H)
07745 776374 (M)
Ferguson Fawsitt ArmsBusy on Rally Yorkshire
29th September 2017Trackrod Rally Yorkshire (Friday/Saturday)If you can marshal, contact Matthew
5th October 2017Grovehill 12 Car Rally07971 236078 (M)Start/Finish - The Bowman's, 35 Bridgegate, Howden DN14 7AE747285Assisted by Tom Atkinson. All on map 106
8th October 2017The Harold Palin Memorial Stages Rally (Sunday)Fulbeck AirfieldEastwood & District Motor Club
12th October 2017Free night01482 876522 (H)
07745 776374 (M)
Ferguson Fawsitt Arms
19th October 2017Free night01482 876522 (H)
07745 776374 (M)
Ferguson Fawsitt Arms
24th October 2017Committee Meeting (Tuesday)01482 876522 (H)
07745 776374 (M)
Richard's house8.30 start
26th October 2017Westwood 12 Car Rally01482 210605 (H)
07582 485439 (M)
Start/Finish - Wellington Inn, Lund971481Map 106
2nd November 2017Social Night01482 876522 (H)
07745 776374 (M)
Ferguson Fawsitt ArmsCome and have a natter

Normal Club nights start at around 9pm. 12 Car events usually start at 7:30pm with first car off at 8:01pm.

The Upcoming Events page has a full list of events

About the Club

Beverley & District Motor Club is based in Beverley in the East Riding of Yorkshire, just to the north of Kingston upon Hull. The club meets every Thursday evening at the Ferguson Fawsitt Arms in Walkington just outside Beverley. Click here for instructions on how to find us.

The club runs some form of competitive social event almost every Thursday night, as well as organising rallies, and marshalling on other Club's events. Click here for details of what's coming up in the near future.

The main event on the calendar each year is the Maple Garage Beaver Rally, which is our award winning Road Rally which now takes place during July.

We also run a very well supported 12 Car championship. This championship runs from January to March, and from October to December each year, and involves 9 events on Thursday evenings.

If you are interested in finding out more about the club, please contact a member of the committee, who will be happy to explain things to you. Or you can just come along to the club one Thursday evening and see what's happening.

The club organises events under the rules and organisation of the RAC Motor Sports Association, the governing body for motorsport in the United Kingdom. We are also affiliated to the Association of Northern Car Clubs, the Association of North East Midlands Motor Clubs and the East Midland Association of Motor Clubs.

If you'd like to join the club, please have a look at our membership page.